2019-03-03 14:03:00

Azabu massage service operating in the city of Tokyo,Yokohama,Haneda,Maihama(Disney land),Makuhari and Narita.


2019-01-07 23:38:00

May 2019 be a happy and great year for you.

2018-10-30 22:14:00

Would you like to experience Kimomo Massage?

Therapist will wear Kimono during massage service.

1 day before notice appreciated.


2018-09-15 21:44:00

Are you tired and need a massage? Azabu massage is happy to help you !

Massage in Tokyo
Massage in Yokohama

Massage in Narita

Massage in Haneda


2018-09-14 05:02:00

Memorable experience in Japan,Included Japanese style massage.

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